About Us

We are NOT a ‘jazz’ band. We’re a foot tappin’, grab-your-partner and ‘cut-a-rug’ dance and stage band. We perform all the ballroom dance tempos from slow ‘ballads’ to West Coast and East Coast ‘Swing’. We have Sambas, Mambos, Tangos and Cha-Chas. Our repertoire also includes Waltz, Bossa Nova, Classic Rock, Latin Rock, Country Rock, even Dixie and Blues. We can even provide a couple of Polkas and some country ‘line-dances’ if you desire.

Our music covers the eras from Benny Goodman to Huey Lewis, Glen Miller and Tommy Dorsey to Tijuana Brass and Santana, and much, much more. (We have over 700 titles/charts in our library.)

Although primarily we are an ‘acoustic’ band (which means we don’t need amplification), we do have a great new sound system that an MC (Master-of-Ceremonies) can use, or to fill in (like a DJ) at weddings with specific requested music for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances, etc. As band-director, I can and often do… act as the MC and DJ, and I work in conjunction with your wedding planner/coordinator. I also have information I can send you to help with your planning of the ‘reception schedule’ and to help coordinate the activities of your wedding day.

Our sole purpose is to make your event not only memorable, but SPECIAL.